1 Dragonhead
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What Is It?

Dragonhead is an Old-School Fantasy RPG. It's not a clone but a re-imagining of the original B/X D&D game. Why? Because sometimes it's fun to go back over something old and familiar and try to recapture the magic that made it great.

The rules of the first kit - Dungeon Adventures - are for the most part finished. The Dragonhead Master's Guide and Monsters & Treasures books are being reworked. The others have been laid out and are just waiting on artwork.

As for the immediate future? The rest of the summer will be spent drawing up artwork and shooting videos. We're hoping to have the first four books done by September '23. Which means they should be ready to go by October, or possibly November. Okay, Halloween. We're shooting for Halloween '23.

See you then!

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