Monsterball is a Print-N-Play miniatures game where you play American Football with fantasy creatures. Not a game that is like football or football adjacent, but actual football as you might have played it back in high school gym class.

The fantastic aspect of it grants your players special powers like the ability blink to avoid being tackled, shoot magic missiles, and fly above other players to better complete a pass. Careful though! The referees consider this cheating and your star player might get tossed out of the game if caught doing it.

To purchase the game rules, click on one of the football links to go to your venue of choice. The last one - Support Materials - is a zip file containing everything you need except the rulebook, just in case you somehow managed to acquire a printed copy of the rules but lack everything else.

The rulebook is something you can print on your home printer. Print in landscape mode, double-sided, fold the pages in the middle and staple to create a 24 page booklet. The playing field can be created using dry-erase markers on a standard miniatures battlemat. You can also click on the image below to download a full-sized .png image of the field. Take it to an online printer such as Vistaprint and have it printed on a 3' x 1.7' vinyl banner.

While there is a decent amount of meat to this game, it is not hard to chew. In fact, Monsterball is quite easy to play despite being both a football and a fantasy miniatures game. To see it in action, click the video link below. While you're at it be sure to drop your email address in the mailing list box so you can hear of great new things from Chameleon Dream when we release them.