Dragonhead is an old-school RPG currently under development. It is not a clone but a re-imagining of the original B/X D&D game. Why? Because sometimes it is fun to go back over something old and familiar and try to recapture the magic which made it so great in the first place.

Right now it is in a prototype state. All we have to offer are the white pages which you can get by clicking the colored tiles below. The red ones are for players, the blue ones for the DM. Epub is for people with ereaders, PDF for people with printer ink to waste, and Doc for a copy you can open in a word processor.

Below the tiles are a loose collection of other files as well as a zip file containing the whole enchillada. At the very bottom is a way to join our mailing list. Type an email address in the box below and click Join to join it or Leave to leave it.

It is highly recommended that you join the mailing list. Our only real gauge of interest lies in those subscriber numbers. If they go high enough we will do a kickstarter to hire some artists and turn the game into something real. If the numbers stay low then the whole project will just grind to a stop and never emerge from its white pages cocoon.

We've brought it quite a ways, the rest is up to you.

So what do you do?

BHB epub format BHB pdf format BHB doc format CC epub format CC pdf format CC doc format DMG epub format DMG pdf format DMG doc format MT epub format MT pdf format MT doc format