What is an OSR game? I could write a ton of essays on the topic or I could just build one point to it and say - that's it, right there! - for some crazy reason awhile back I siezed on the latter and Dungeonhead is the result. It is by no means an OSR-Clone (haven't we got enough of those already). Instead it is my rendition of what an OSR game should be.
If you are interested, I have posted it on DriveThruRPG as PWYW. Right now the rules are firmly set in place but it is lacking the decorum of graphics, layout, etc. Hence the PWYW. In this state I would give it away, but if you get it through DTRPG I am pretty sure they will send you email notifications as updates are made to it. That sounds like the best way to keep in touch with the project. Don't worry, I don't make updates too often.
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