User Agreement
User Agreement

This is the user agreement which everyone agreed to when they joined the site. As a member of the site you must abide by it.

User Agreement

1.) SPOILERS - I understand that a game, like a movie, can be spoiled by giving away too much information before it is played. I agree - on my honor - to refrain from blabbing about what I find on this site to other people outside of the actual play of the game.

2.) SHARING - The Agama is not the place to fight over who created what. While there are conventions on the site to keep creations private, ultimately the site is about sharing things. I understand that there is a chance that someone will take what I post on this site and use it without my permission. It is a chance I am willing to take.

3.) OWNERSHIP - Chameleon Dream does not claim any form of ownership over what is maintained by the site. The person who posts it is considered its owner and creator. When something is removed from the site it is gone for good, including personal information.

4.) CONTENT - I am responsible for what I post on this site, not the Agama or Chameleon Dream. When creating on the site I will keep the following in mind:

4a.) I will not post anything I do not have the right to post.

4b.) I will not post anything too volatile for the screen of a PG-13 movie.

4c.) I will not post any out of place material such as propaganda, pornography, evangelism or spam.

4c.) I will not hold the Agama or Chameleon Dream responsible for what I find on the site.

5.) DATA STORAGE - I understand that the Agama is not powered by Cisco Systems, the site cannot guarantee the safety of what I store on it and reserves the right to delete and/or accidentally lose any material at any time without warning or explanation. I will use the Scroll button to make regular back-ups of my work.

6.) USER ETTIQUETTE - The atmosphere of the Agama is meant to be cooperative not competitive or combative. The site reserves the right to delete any material and/or user accounts it finds offensive or disruptive.

7.) CONNECTIONS - I will not hold the site accountable for any actions or transactions which result from connections made through the site.

8.) SORRY, NO MINORS - I was at least 14 years old at the time I joined the site.