Using the Site
What Is It?
The Agama is an old-fashioned universal table-top role playing game. You play it while sitting around a table with your friends, a table typically cluttered with papers, minis, snack foods, and dice - lots and lots of strange looking dice. If all of this sounds like something plucked from the early 1980's. That is not an accident. That is the way it is.
21st Century Trapper Keeper
This website is known as the Chameleon Dream Machine. It is not where you play the game. It is where you build the game you will be playing. You do not need a computer or internet access to play the Agama. The idea is that you create it all here, print out what you need, and play it without a computer in sight.
The Menu & Help Hints
Using the site is quite easy. Once you have signed in, all of the different parts of the site can be reached through the menu at the top of this page. The site itself is littered with help hints to explain what it all means. These look like colored titles and resemble the one reading, "Using the Site" in the upper left hand corner of this page. Float your mouse over it and a hint will appear. Move your mouse off and the hint goes away. If you want the tip to stay open while you move your mouse around. Click the title to lock it open, then click the tip window itself to close it away.
The Game Itself
Currently the game is only available as white page documents. Who knows, if it takes off maybe we'll do a kickstarter, hire some decent artists and make some nice hard cover books of them. Until then you have the links below.
Yes, just like that.