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Admittedly, the site is fairly new, new enough to not have any frequently asked questions. Still, below are a number of questions we are guessing that people will have. Float your mouse over them to see the answers. If the tips are not appearing, make sure the site has access to javascript. If you cannot find an answer here, use the form off to the left to write us about it. And now on with the FAQ....

I can't get the site to work, what gives?
I've lost my Private Id. Can you reset it for me?
A help hint has locked open and will not go away. Help?
Every now and then the text editor will lock up and not let me type into it. Fix?
What are kudos and how do I get one?
I'm done here, can you delete my account for me?
I am a website developer who is impressed by your site and would like to help you redesign it. Any interest?
I know a multitude of somewhat nefarious ways to increase your website's search rank. Will you paint my palm with cash to share these mystical secrets?
The site was designed primarily for the Mozilla Firefox browser and secondarily tested on Google Chrome. If you are using a browser other than one of these two that could be the problem.

Otherwise, make sure you are not blocking javascript or cookies for the site. We use javascript extensively. We only use a few cookies to keep track of who you are and what world you are in. We do not use tracking cookies and could care less about where you go and what you do outside of the site.
Yes, it is a known bug. We try to design everything ourselves but the rich text editor was too big a project for what it was worth.

The CKEditor control works well but every now and then it locks up when the page loads. To fix this, click the Edit button at the top of the page. It should start working again once the page reloads.

Hopefully we will find a fix for this in the future.
No. There are some things you have to do for yourself. You need to sign in and go to the delete membership link under your name in the main menu.

Unlike certain other sites, when you delete your account you delete everything. It is final. Once gone there is no way to get your stuff back.
Kudos are good old fashioned link trades. They cost nothing, aside from a return link to the Agama from whatever page we link to.

If you have a web presence somehow related to Table Top RPG's, or if you are an artist or writer who works along those lines, contact us and we will check you out and see what we can do.

One thing we do require is some kind of graphical element that we can incorporate into the kudo itself. We will make the final image but we need something we can work with. A plain text title doesn't cut it.
That depends....

If you choose to include a Reset Email Address with your account then all you need to do is click the Help button on the sign in page and it will guide you to resetting it.

Otherwise, no, there is nothing we can do.

To give your account a reset email address, sign in and go to the Sign Info page. This link for this can be found under your name in the main menu.
Thanks for asking, but not right now.
Only if you accept large denominations of Monopoly money.
This is a feature, not a bug. When you want a help hint to stay open, click on the title you floated your cursor over. This will cause it to lock open. To close the tip click the tip window itself.
Anything you want to talk about - mention it here - and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Because of security concerns, please use only letters, numbers, blank spaces and common punctuation marks in all the fields.
What we can call you.
Where we to reply to.
What you have to say.

Note the little Space Left counter in the lower right hand corner. When it hits 0% you have run out of room.
This separates the humans from the robots. Look at the image to the left, it should contain a simple math problem. Solve the problem in the white box below, and if you get it right and we will believe you are human.

For now....